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What Chet Does

  • Host nationwide workshops with hundreds of people in attendance

  • Provide 1:1 sessions addressing sexual/intimacy issues

  • Give hands-on instruction on how to be a better lover

  • Make an effort to destroy shame surrounding bodies and sexuality

In Addition to Surrogate Partner Therapy, I also: 

Notable Workshop Leadership Highlight

Body Empowerment Event


"I’ve known Chet for five years now. I see him at the same place every year, Love Burn in Miami. Chet belongs to a camp called The Playground and he is personally responsible for organizing my single favorite event at Love Burn every year, which is the Body Empowerment Celebration. Celebration is definitely the right word to describe it. It celebrates women and the female orgasm in a way that honors and empowers the participants. Chet not only MCs the event, but he coaches the participants to ensure they feel safe and cherished. One of my most impactful memories was a few years back when a woman was considering being part of the event but wasn’t sure she should do it. Chet spent quite a bit of time speaking with her. After their conversation, she felt empowered to take part. Listening to the speech she gave was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. Her story spoke to how she had been sexually abused by a family member while growing up and had always thought of sex as something dirty and horrible. She wanted to use this experience to reclaim sex and make it what it should have been, something beautiful. When she told her story you could hear a pin drop in an audience of over a hundred people. And when Chet brought her to orgasm, the crowd roared in a way that they probably heard us in Tampa. She was beside herself in joy and she headed into the next chapter of her life in impressive style. Chet was who empowered her to take that bold step and participate. She was incredible thankful for his advice. This is one of many people who I’ve seen Chet help over the years. The way he connects with people is quite impressive. I wish I had his level of empathy and compassion. I think he will serve amazingly well in the role of a sex therapist or surrogate. He has a lot of people left to help in him and I wish him Godspeed on his journey. He’s an amazing guy."

-He/Him 30's

Miami, Florida
This was the first massive step I made towards recovery and reclaiming my body, my femininity, and my confidence.
Queer She/Her 30s
QTBIPOC Couple, Queer, LGBTQIA+, Romance, Love
This event truly changed my life
Queer She/her 30s

Chetan's incredible ability to wrangle and direct large crowds during events is superior to most people's, particularly considering the potentially controversial nature of his events' typical subject matter. The events he crafts go beyond social engagements and reach into the educational and healing power within sexuality. He manages to create a fun, engaging environment that is also safe and nurturing for people to learn about their bodies, or others', and explore what it means to be open and loving with oneself.

Queer She/Her 30s

As a survivor childhood molestation and many sexual assaults, I struggled with embracing my sexuality, my femininity, and being able to fully enjoy pleasure. I felt I didn’t deserve to feel good or to embrace my passionate side. The squirting event provided an incredibly safe space for me to reclaim all that I felt I didn’t deserve. This was the first massive step I made towards recovery and reclaiming my body, my femininity, and my confidence. This event truly changed my life.

Queer She/Her 30s

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