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Regardless of the setting, the common thread for me has always been a sense of defiance for societies imposed shame. It does no good to feel bad for being who you are.  I am here to help you put that unnecessary baggage down and to jump in the playground.

Chet, Surrogate Partner Therapy

After a decade of focusing on my career in finance, I have finally been able to fully embrace my true calling, which I believe is sexual surrogacy work. Since then, I’ve realized that this calling is the most meaningful endeavor I have ever dedicated myself to. I feel called to engage with as many people as I am able to help and who can give informed consent. Given my own heterosexual orientation, I find that I am best equipped to work with women (AFAB or Trans) and non-binary people. As long as my clients are able to give consent and are healthy enough to partake in sexual activities, age has not been an issue. 

I have a special interest in working with sex workers (dancers, adult content creators, escorts, etc.), as I feel they are societally overlooked due to stigma and assumptions. I additionally believe that when this type of person has a healthy relationship with sex and intimacy, they can best cultivate beneficial connections with their clientele.

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Every therapeutic practitioner has their own healing style that makes them a unique fit for some, but not necessarily for others and I firmly believe that adults engage in “play” during sexual interactions. My superpower, the ability to facilitate fun and bring a sense of levity to serious and important work, allows me to show others how to release their inhibitions. I have learned that life’s challenges become manageable when approached with a mindset of lightness and fun. My experiences have taught me that engaging playfully with clients allows them to bypass their emotional and internal barriers rather than having to scale their treacherous walls. 

From my 12-year involvement in sex-positive communities (tantra, kink, and polyamory), I have been fortunate to explore my own personal world, yet have felt most aligned with myself when helping others heal. Since partaking in others’ healing processes and addressing their sexual and intimacy blockages, I feel deeply rewarded to facilitate a safe space for others to develop a pleasurable sex life as well as a greater appreciation for their bodies.

In the 12 years since I started this work, I have led multiple hands-on workshops throughout the country with >100 attendees, as well as engaged with humans one-on-one to address a variety of sexual and intimacy topics and issues. I notably co-led a squirting celebration with my life partner that focused on mitigating the shame surrounding bodies for people with vulvas. My partner and I have earned national acclaim by hosting 3+ hour-long workshops. Most recently, I have been formally trained to be a surrogate partner under the tutelage and guidance of the pioneer Dr. Susan’s Kaye (sexologist, therapist, educator, and author).

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